środa, 12 listopada 2014


Today we have a special post on my blog, because the whole article will be in english. The reason of that is my new collaboration with an amazing clothing online store. www.tidestore.com (this is the name of the store) is the leading supplier of fashion wholesale in China. 

On this site we can find clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories only for woman, but there are a lot of categories of them, so I am sure that every woman no matter what she likes, and what is she like, she will definitely find here something for her! All the clothing they are selling, are made from the top quality materials, so You don’t have to worry about that something will be quickly distroyed. If You wanna know what about prices range of this store I have to tell You that prices in this store are really diverse, because we can find and buy amazing shoes or anything else even for 9 dollards, or even something for 99 dollars! One of the sections is page where we can find only korean clothing (http://www.tidestore.com/Korean-Clothing-Free-Shipping/), but that is not all! The best thing is that all items, which are in this category are avaible to buy with free shipping, so there is no costs for the shipping, isn’t great? We can find there almost everything! I can see smart bags, casual tops or even evening dresses for a special nights and occasions. Besides that I am in love in flowers print on blazers, t-shirts and shirts in this section. We can see also elastics leggings or skinny jeans, everything what we would think about. Next section, which I found interesting is Thanksgiving Day sales (http://www.tidestore.com/h/Thanksgiving-Day-29/), where we can find an amazing and luxourius items in the best prices on sale. Sales will be only during these days: 20-25.11 so You should check it now! Summarise, I think that online store Tidestore is an amazing place, where we can find perfect clothes for us, ladies. Well, now I gotta go, cause I think I will buy some items on Tidestore and I think You should do the same, xoxo!

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  1. śliczna marynarka na ostatnim zdjęciu
    pozdrawiam cieplutko :)) woman-with-class.blogspot.com

  2. śliczne :)


  3. co nieco zrozumiałam z tekstu :P
    różowy płaszczyk piękny!

  4. Śliczne płaszczyki. Pozdrawiam jusinx.blogspot.com

  5. I love this site! The coats you selected are so pretty, especially the pink one, so so cute :)


  6. Lovely selection!

  7. Super : )


  8. ten biały płaszczykładniutki :D


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