czwartek, 8 września 2016

10th anniversary party on BANGGOOD

Hello dear readers! I am sure You know the online store called Banggood ♥ Well, I have amazing news for You today. Banggood is celebrating 10 years! Congrats Banggood, this is really long time and it is so great to buy in Your store! 

But now shopping on Banggood can be much better. Banggood's 10th Anniversary Party is on! And we have 48 hours crazy sale because of that! Don't wait, look at this low prices and discounts :) 

Before You will go shopping take a look for this few tips and rules:

1) The Anniversary 48 Hour Sale began 10am September 8th and ends 10am September 10th.
2) This sale is going on 2 days only.
3) Crazy sale prices of 48 Hour Sale products are available only during Celebration.
4) Before You go shopping on 48 Hour Sale, You must read and accept all the rules of Celebration campaign.
5) More information about 48 Hour Sale You will find at
6) Banggood Ltd. Reserve All Rights.

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