czwartek, 8 września 2016


Hello my lovely readers! I have amazing news for You :) I told You some time ago that I have huge problem with choosing my dress for this big night which is so close. I can't wait my homecoming, but when the girl doesn't know what to wear for so important night, so we have huge tragedy. In case You have similar problem or You just would like to have new beautiful and original dress You have to visit this online store Dresses on this site are generally good for every occasion and You can find there everything what You need. Dresstells has wedding dresses, prom dresses and any other dresses for special occasion like homecoming dresses! Here You can see my favourite items:

Look at the first dress. Maxi, lace, black dress, this is the perfect one for me! I totally love it, and of course I love Maffashion, our polishblogger on this picture. She looks so pretty!

Red, this colour is so sexy and mature. Of course lace, the latest trend and maxi dress, so good for homecoming! And I am not sure did You see that, but I love this pearly belt! 

Nude, so calm and adorable colour. My choice for this colour are mostly nails or natural make up with nude lips. But I wasn't thinking about dress in nude! Why I wasn't? This is great idea and wonderful solution for every special occasion.

And now I think this is the perfect time for short homecoming dresses, because I like it the most! Those dresses are fancy, sexy and so comfortable! Love it ♥ I think every coulour is good to have in closet, but if I would have to choose I would buy the red one! I would be sure that every guy would take a look on me :) Am I right? What do You think about them?

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  1. Pierwsza sukienka jest rewelacyjna <3


  2. ta czarna sukienka jest wspaniała :0


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